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Exhibitions 2021 - 2022 

    2 MAY ~ 3 JUNE 2023, PREVIEW APRIL 29 2~4PM

  • ECHOES Portage Premier Award Winner 2021 ︎ Portage Ceramic Awards Te Uru - Waitakere Contemporary Art Gallery

  • ARTEFACTS Merit Award Winner 2021 ︎Ceramics New Zealand National Exhibition Diamond Jubilee, 2021

  • TENT 2021, Mothermother, Finger Pricks & Curses, Nov 2021

  • Mothermother Iteration 10 Portraits @ Aotearoa Art Fair 2021

  • Foolscap, RM Gallery and Project Space Aotearoa Art Fair 2021

Exhibitions 2020 - Prehistory 

  • ECHO BONE, New Ceramic Aquisitions @ Pah Homestead 2020

  • ECHO BONE, Studio One Toi Tu Ceramics Creative Studio Residency Exhibition, 2018 - 2019

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2022 ++

Portage 2021 Press ︎


  • RETURN OF THE PORTAGE review by Jemma Giorza ︎  Ceramics New Zealand Magazine Winter 2022


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Teresa Peters is an artist and filmmaker based in Tamaki Makaurau, currently working in clay and ceramics, photography and moving image. She is interested in bodies, earth bodies, forming and transforming. Chemical compounds and molten entities, in intimate combustion. ‘Excavating’ primordial totems’, as we move on into the sixth mass extinction. Ceramics is alchemy. Earth, water, air… fire...

mothermother @AOTEAROA ART FAIR NOV 16 - 20 2022


Mothermother Iteration 3,  Oct 2019

Judy Darragh, Kelly Pretty & Teresa Peters


Our third iteration, we are now seven artists in our small and humble collective. What makes a collective? The upholding of everyone by everyone. Working together to try things. Judith Darragh invites Teresa Peters, Rose Meyer invites Kelly Pretty. It’s wonderful to see the operation of the project gathering and morphing into an entity.

Themes in this show are feeling form and labour form. Teresa Peters pats smooth then gouges through her forms, fingers draw through the clay, shaping them into archetypal totems. She clusters them in stories, arranged together in tribes and lineages.

Kelly Pretty stitches her son’s drawings, a tender collaboration between mother and son. Faithfully retracing the drawn line into a blood red lineage. Full of wonder, that precious age of six where the drawn line is unlabored, the red stitching speaks to the raw reality of the ebbs and flows of life.

MOTHERMOTHER is an evolving exhibition situated at LOT23 Gallery, Auckland.The project weaves emerging and established female artists from all backgrounds as each exhibiting artist invites another to take their place. A story is created with each handling over of the space, bringing different artists together to foster connections within the wider art community.